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"Lilly is heaven sent . Class is relaxing and enjoyable. I look forward to every class. I have a high stress job and the class helps me on a daily basis. Love this class!"
Maggie Aguilar, Visalia , Calif

"Please never stop teaching ……. No one has “it” like you do!"
Mara Cohen, Las Vegas, NV ( participant in Lillys Balletrobics classes at UNLV for 15 yrs, also featured in Balletrobics video) 1997 Las Vegas Nevada

"I have been doing Yoga on and off , for the last forty years. I have taken from many instructors, and beyond a doubt Lilly is the best. Her classes are always different . She says they are based on what poses and exercises she feels her class members need. She is a great example of healthy living and easy on the eyes, which guys like me appreciate. Unexpectedly, for a yoga/pilates instructor, she has a since of humor, which makes class, fun. "
Carlton Smith (official photographer for Lilly Hart)

"I am in my early 70s and am the director of an equestrian drill team. I ride horses in competition and in the Sierra Nevada mountains every summer. I have never done Yoga. It has been a good and enjoyable experience ,learning all the different methods from Lilly. I recommend attending the class."
Nancy Hamill, Visalia, CA

"Lilly, you amaze me! My body feels so different after only a few weeks! Your classes are a huge stress reliever and I love that we do something different every session."
Angie Lorenzi Personal Training Student of Lilly, Exeter, Calif

"Class started with great music and ballet moves. Wonderful way to get in touch with the body. Pilates was next-Wow! Loved it all !! Time was lost in a great atmosphere at Lillys Studio Vue."
Nancy Fellowes (Certified Pilates Teacher and amateur athelete), Visalia, Calif

"Lilly has a very professional, positive, and approachable demeanor. She is always willing to work with you at your fitness level, and knows just how much she can push that much farther to achieve wonderful results. Her yoga classes do not demand that you become a pretzel, nor do they require you to be ultra fit and trim, like in many other classes. Rather, Lilly's classes are truly universal, and are a great fit for anyone who wants a great workout, in a calm and relaxing environment. Lilly has such a nice tone to her voice in class, and she always helps me either unwind, or really push myself to achieve new limits of flexibility and strength. I have Fibromyalgia, and Lilly has helped me with my chronic pain emensly. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a physical challenge! I take her Rostoration Etc. class at Ruby Slipper on Wednesday evenings at 7, which is a really convenient time, and I also work with her when I can at her beautiful Studio Vue ranch. The experience is really healing for me!"
Wendy LeBlanc, Visalia, CA (Official Web Designer and Graphic Artist for Lilly hart).